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Inspection and Testing

Ensure Electrical Safety for Your Tenants and Homeowners!

Why Choose Altrics Electrical for Your EICR (Landlord's Certificate) in Barnet?

Looking for a reliable Barnet electrician for your EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)? At Altrics Electrical, we are your local experts for all electrical safety needs in North London and Hertfordshire.

An EICR, also known as a Landlord's certificate, is a vital document for property owners ensuring the electrical wiring in your property is safe. It's required for new tenancies and must be renewed every 5 years, when selling a house, or for your own peace of mind.

Benefits of Choosing Altrics Electrical:

  • Qualified & Experienced Electricians: Our team of fully qualified and experienced electricians will provide a thorough and professional EICR inspection.

  • Fast & Efficient Service: We understand the importance of getting your EICR completed quickly, so we offer flexible appointment times and fast turnaround on reports.

  • Competitive Prices: We offer competitive pricing for EICRs, ensuring you get a great value service.

  • Clear & Concise Reports: Our EICR reports are easy to understand, detailing any remedial work required.

  • Local & Reliable: We are your trusted local Barnet electrician, familiar with the area and its electrical regulations.

Peace of Mind for Homebuyers & Sellers

An EICR from Altrics Electrical provides peace of mind for both homebuyers and sellers. For homebuyers, it ensures you're purchasing a property with a safe electrical system. For sellers, it demonstrates the electrical safety of your property to potential buyers.

Contact Altrics Electrical Today

Don't wait – contact Altrics Electrical today to book your EICR inspection in Barnet and surrounding areas. We offer a friendly, reliable service and will ensure your electrical installation is safe and compliant.

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